The Easy Way To Cope With Hemorrhoids

The Easy Way To Cope With Hemorrhoids


The Easy Way To Cope With Hemorrhoids

Cope With Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) are a common disease. This disease occurs when blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and anus experience swelling, due to increased pressure in the lower portion of the abdominal cavity. To help overcome this, see the various ways to treat hemorrhoid following.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids can cause by many factors, ranging from the habit of pushing too hard, sitting too long, lifting heavy loads continuously, constipation, pregnancy, to heredity.

Natural Medicines for Overcoming Hemorrhoids

Besides changing your lifestyle, you can also try natural treatments to treat hemorrhoids. Some natural ingredients that can be used to relieve hemorrhoids are:
  • Purple leaves

    Purple leaves (Graptophyllum pictum) are believed to be able to treat and prevent hemorrhoids. Is because purple leaves contain anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substances. Not only that, but purple leaves are also claimed to have minimal side effects. However, further research is still needed to ascertain the effectiveness of these natural ingredients in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

  • Citrus Bioflavonoids

    Citrus bioflavonoids can also be used as other natural ingredients to treat and prevent hemorrhoids. Is because the citrus bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties that can stop the symptoms of hemorrhoids from getting worse. A study even revealed the use of bioflavonoids could relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, namely by relieving pain and itching in hemorrhoids and reducing the risk of bleeding. Even so, claims of the benefits of citrus bioflavonoids to treat hemorrhoids still need to be studied further.
Based on where it appears, hemorrhoids can divide into two types, namely:

  • Internal hemorrhoids

    Deep hemorrhoids are usually not visible from the outside unless you experience protrusion. This type of hemorrhoids generally appears in the rectal duct and causes no pain. However, it causes you to suffer bloody defecation.

  • External hemorrhoids

    External hemorrhoids form on the outside of the anus. Usually, this type of hemorrhoid feels itchy and bleeding.

Although hemorrhoids are harmless and usually heal by themselves, they can cause discomfort and pain. There are several ways to treat hemorrhoid that you can do to overcome and relieve complaints that arise.
Treating hemorrhoids independently

Changing lifestyle can be one of the most effective ways to treat hemorrhoid. These lifestyle changes include:

  • Consumption of fibrous foods

    Cope With Hemorrhoids - Eating high-fiber foods is one way to treat hemorrhoids. Is because fiber will make stools softer, so you don't have to push too hard when defecating. As mentioned earlier, pushing too hard can cause and worsen hemorrhoids. Foods that are a source of fiber are whole grains, whole grains, fruits, and dark leafy vegetables.

  • Increase body fluid intake

    Keeping your body hydrated is another way to treat hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Increasing the consumption of water can help keep stool soft, and reduce the possibility of constipation. Also, it would help if you also avoided caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, because it can cause hemorrhoids to get worse.

  • Maintain anal hygiene

    To treat and prevent hemorrhoids, you are recommended to clean the skin around the anus regularly. Use a small towel that is damp or wet cotton, and avoid using scented cleansing soap to prevent irritation.

  • Don't delay bowel movements

    Delaying bowel movements can make stools hard and dry, allowing you to push too hard. Therefore, hurry to the bathroom if you have felt the urge to defecate.

  • Exercise regularly

    Exercising regular is not only useful for losing weight, but also can help control blood pressure, and prevent constipation. Therefore, you are recommended to use at least 30 minutes every day.

The various methods above are generally safe to do to treat hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnant women. Especially for the sports section, pregnant women are still advised to consult an obstetrician to adjust the type of exercise and its duration. Various methods are proven to reduce hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnant women. Keep in mind, most hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnant women will resolve after delivery.
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