Food After and Before Exercise

Food After and Before Exercise

Food After and Before Exercise

Food After and Before Exercise - For the sake of getting maximum benefit in exercising, you need to pay attention to your nutritional intake. Eating the right foods and drinks, can maximize performance while applying, reduce the risk of muscle disorders, and make the body recover faster after exercise.

To maximize performance while exercising, you need to choose foods that contain carbohydrates, protein and fat, and consume them at the right time, both before and after exercise. Nutritious meals that act as fuel while helping to prevent damage to the muscles.

The Role of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fat when Exercising

Your body needs various types of nutrients because each nutrient has a different role to play in helping you exercise. What is the part of multiple nutrients for the organization?
  • Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates contain glucose which is used by muscles as fuel when exercising. Also, carbohydrates also produce glycogen which can use as energy reserves. This glycogen need depends on the type and duration of the exercise performed.
  • Protein

Proteins are needed by muscles and red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. There are some benefits you can get by consuming protein before exercise, including increasing muscle strength and mass, helping muscle recovery, and improving muscle performance.
  •  Fat

Fat is an energy source for moderate to high-intensity sports. A study revealed that people who regularly eat foods that contain 40% fat have a better immune system when running.

These nutritious foods should be taken 2-3 hours before exercise. If you have just eaten 45-60 minutes before, you should eat snacks to be easily digested and not cause abdominal pain when exercising.
Food Inspiration Before Sport

Do you need to eat before exercise? The answer depends on the type of activity to be carried out. The food you need to consume before training is a low-fat, low-fiber diet, containing moderate levels of protein and carbohydrates, and containing liquids.

As a guide, below is an illustration of a good food menu for you to consume 2-3 hours before exercise:

  • Red rice and grilled or steamed vegetables.
  • Wheat bread filled with lean meat and salad.
  • Whole grain bread and foods
  • Whole grain cereal and milk.
  • Smoothies from protein powder, various berries, milk, and bananas.
  • A bowl of oatmeal almond banana slices.

Food After and Before Exercise - If you are going to exercise for one hour or less, you can eat cut fruit, such as apples, bananas, and oranges, yogurt, or energy bars. Choose energy bars that contain at least 5 grams of protein, with a little extra carbohydrate and fat.
Feeding Guide After Sports

Eating carbohydrates and protein after exercise can help accelerate muscle recovery, replenish glycogen reserves, and increase muscle protein synthesis. This food can be a glass of chocolate milk or a serving of boiled eggs. Doctors recommend that carbohydrates and protein be consumed 45 minutes after exercise.

Examples of menus that you can try after exercise include:

  • Cereal and skim milk.
  • Potatoes with salmon.
  • Crackers peanut butter.
  • Bread, omelet, and avocado.
  • Chicken grilled vegetables.
  • Oatmeal peanuts almonds.
  • Whole wheat bread tuna salad sandwich.

You also have to balance the intake of some of the above foods with mineral water. Mineral water acts to cool the body's system and prevent dehydration. Also, you also need to have enough rest after exercising. Regulating diet, exercise, and adequate rest are essential components in developing a healthy lifestyle.
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