How to Home free of Germs

How to Home free of Germs


How to Home free of Germs

How to Home free of Germs - Having a healthy life can be started by creating a healthy home with a clean and germ-free environment. Recognizing the criteria for a healthy home can make it easier for you to apply it.

Healthy homes are not only clean but also can be a safe environment for children's development by paying attention to arrangement and design. Also, air circulation is also an important thing to consider to avoid the risk of disease transmission

Criteria for Healthy Homes You Need to Know

Love your family and have a healthy home by paying attention to the following:
  • Pay attention to your home's ventilation

    To get a healthy home, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the air circulation inside the house. Do not leave your house in a humid state, without adequate ventilation. Ventilation of a little or dirty house can make your family more susceptible to disease.

  • Use an air humidifier if possible

    In addition to having enough ventilation, if possible, you can also buy a humidifier. This tool is handy for improving air quality in the house by keeping the air moist.
  • Decorate the house with plants

    Placing indoor plants not only can enhance the appearance of your home but can also be a natural air filter inside the house. A study shows that the presence of roses, lilies, or daisies in the house can improve your mood.
  • A dust-free healthy house

    How to Home free of Germs - Dust not only makes the home look dirty, but it can also contain harmful substances and can cause or aggravate allergies. If you use carpet in the house, make sure you regularly clean it from dust. Vacuum at base twice a week and clean your vacuum cleaner every time you use it.

Another thing you also need to pay attention to creating a healthy home is to avoid using household cleaning agents with hazardous ingredients. One of them is a cleaning fluid that contains ammonia because it can cause a variety of health problems in the respiratory tract. Also, exposure to high concentrations of vapor in the air can also cause blindness.

You have a healthy body not only by eating healthy food but also by looking after your environment. Therefore, make your home a healthy home that is comfortable for all family members.
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