How to Keep the Intimacy of Husband and Wife

How to Keep the Intimacy of Husband and Wife


How to Keep the Intimacy of Husband and Wife

Keep the Intimacy - After marriage, husband and wife must maintain an emotional and intimate relationship so that the marriage bond remains romantic. Many things can be done starting from often saying the word love, to keep the couple passionate in bed.

For couples who are delaying pregnancy, do not let this disturb the desired intimacy. There are a variety of contraceptives that can be used, including emergency contraception, which can support family planning.

Various Ways That Can Be Done

Efforts to maintain intimacy and emotional bond with a partner can do in various ways. They are starting from a simple thing, like saying a word dear, hearing the complaints of a partner, giving a touch of love to each other, to praise the excess pair.

Here are some ways you can make a married couple stay romantic, without having to worry about "conceding":

  • Make a romantic date

    Take the time to year with your partner on Saturday night or other available times. No need to date to expensive restaurants, you can invite your partner to dinner at home, but create a more romantic atmosphere. Do this every 1-2 weeks, so that emotional ties can well establish. For couples who already have children, you can date after a child's bedtime, so that your date runs smoothly.

  • Give a surprise

    Surprise couples not only at particular moments. You can give things that your partner likes, so he feels happy and knows your love. By providing a surprise to your partner, the relationship can become more passionate.

  • Vacation together

    Spending time on vacation with your partner can make the relationship more intimate. Go on vacation to an agreed tourist destination and enjoy the moment well. You can entrust your child to the closest person you can trust. However, don't forget to monitor the child's condition regularly.

  • Keep intimacy in bed

    Keep the Intimacy - Maintaining privacy in bed is very important for a harmonious husband and wife relationship. Show your love for your partner through gentle touches or spontaneous sex while in bed. For couples who are delaying pregnancy, the possibility of being able to forget to take birth control pills, forget to do a repeat injection or a condom used is leaking and released.

    However, don't worry, because emergency contraception is available now that can protect against unplanned pregnancies after contact without contraceptive protection. Emergency contraceptives in the form of pills only contain the hormone progesterone, so it is safe and has high effectiveness of up to 99%. Emergency contraceptive pills can consume before 120 hours or 5 days after sexual intercourse. Effecting at work, it is recommended to drink them immediately after sexual intercourse.

Don't let the plan delay the pregnancy, preventing you from establishing household harmony. Perform the steps above to maintain intimacy and emotional connection with your partner so that your marriage remains harmonious.
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