The Reason Delayed Immunization

The Reason Delayed Immunization


The Reason Delayed Immunization

The Reason Delayed Immunization - Vaccination or immunization is indeed essential to protect children from dangerous diseases. However, there are special conditions for children that make this vaccine better postponed. Come on, see further.

There is an assumption that vaccination should not be given first to an unhealthy child. However, Mother needs to recognize first, whether the illness suffered by the child is severe enough to have to delay immunization or relatively mild and still allowed immunization.

Mild Illness that is Still Allowed Immunization

Children who are mildly ill are still allowed to get vaccinations because mild pain will not affect the body's response to immunization.

Generally, children can still get immunized with the conditions:

  • Mild fever, less than 38 degrees Celsius.
  • Ear infections otitis media.
  • Mild diarrhea.
  • A cough or cold.
  • I am taking antibiotics.
  • Have experienced seizures or epilepsy.
  • Premature babies.
However, if in doubt, you should check your baby first with a doctor before getting immunized.

Conditions that Need to Postpone Immunization

Children who are mildly ill are still allowed to get immunizations. However, if the child is suffering from a severe illness, whether accompanied by a fever or not, the vaccine must undoubtedly be delayed.

Some conditions that should delay immunization in children, including:

  • Chronic pain

Reactions to vaccines, such as fever, can complicate the diagnosis and treatment of the disease suffered. Conversely, symptoms of the disease can also misinterpret as a symptom of the body's reaction to the vaccine.
  • Severe allergy

Need to be more vigilant in giving immunizations to children who have been allergic to a vaccine or the content in the vaccine. Also, giving flu and measles vaccine to children who are allergic to eggs need to be given caution, Bun. Although it is generally tolerable for children who are allergic, it may need to provide gradually and slowly.
  • High fever

High fever can make it difficult for doctors to detect if a specific reaction occurs after the child was vaccinated.
  • The weakening of the immune system

The Reason Delayed Immunization - A decreased immune system is usually experiencing by children who undergo chemotherapy or transplantation. Although the dead vaccine is safe given, if given to children whose immune systems are low, this vaccine cannot work optimally as in healthy children. Some vaccinations can trigger disease in immunization recipients with weak immunity.
  • There are people at home who are sick.

It is better to delay the administration of vaccines if at home there are sick people with a weak immune system.

Remember, Bun; delaying doesn't mean children don't need to get vaccinated. Don't forget to reschedule vaccination, so that children don't get too long to get the vaccine. The most important thing, Mother needs to consult a doctor, when is a safe time for children to get a vaccine.
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